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Child Actor's "Against The Night" brings a world of delight to the rebel in each of us [Video]

Relationship troubles often stem from a lack of communication or a nearly extinguished flame. For most people, excitement is easy to achieve yet difficult to maintain. How do you keep the spark alive? How do you keep close that which you love? Excitement is all around us in today's society. Our generation's ability to harness and extrapolate the passion is a craft easily learned by those that try hard enough. Exemplified in Child Actor's video for "Against The Night", our love for rebellion offsets even the most anticipated relationship worries. Commonalities bring us together, adventure keeps it strong.

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Though the filtered sub beat has no trouble proving itself as extraordinary, the deep hollow Koto combined with sub-focused piano chords creates a type of sonic delight that can support itself regardless of percussive foundation. The flushed vocals drive hard a message of love's ups and downs. A message that we, as an easily disinterested generation, need to hear. The duo, consisting of Max Heath and Natalie Plaza, clearly have a world of experience on this topic. As such, we praise them for a flawless illustration of how love can and should be.

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