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CrossMyHeartHopeToDie takes us to the wild wild west with "Two Shot" [Premiere]

Multi-talented supergroup Cross My Heart Hope to Die, which consists of DJ Muggs, Andrew Kline, Brevi, and Sean Bonner, is back with a new single. “Two Shots” is the first single to be released off their forthcoming EP, Vita E Morte, which is out July 29th on Alpha Pup Records. This is single has a sense of cinema intertwined within it’s chords. The percussion swings in cut time as it paints the scene for the town marshall to stride into the city. Like a score from Django Unchained this song seems as though it was plucked straight from a spaghetti western with Tarrantino behind the wheel. Take a listen to the track for yourself and keep a look out for Vita E Morte in July.

two shots album art


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