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Get dark and wild with DNN's "Eclipse Dub" [Premiere]

Music that evokes fear has been deeply fascinating to me. Artists like Zomby and Gesaffelstein, Danny Brown and Zebra Katz, all sort of freak me out and I love it. DNN follows under this same mentality.

The 27 year old DJ/Producer is readying himself for his debut EP, and its a dark chaotic organized mess that brilliantly comes together to highlight how much potential this artist, under this moniker, has. While the rest of the world might not see his EP, Redshift, until June 30th, we today have got something special and it happens to be the first track off the EP, titled "Eclipse Dub." 

The track is a jungle influenced turbulent track speeds its way through the finish line. Never giving you quite time to think, the piece attacks and invades the brain haunting listeners and daring them to catch up. It's frighteningly sexy, and thats definitely a good thing. 




Eclipse Dub

  • Mnemonic Dojo
  • June 30, 2014
Bass · Electronic · Exclusive · Post-dubstep


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