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Watch Luke Pickett's sensual visuals for "Loving You Is Wrong" [Video]

The late king of pop, Michael Jackson, had that flare to his voice that was very distinct. Each time he would hit a higher note, or drop into a chorus, or even just as an accent. It was a slight extra feature to his long line of desirable skills and characteristics, but it was one that not many other people could be identified with.

Ever since I first was introduced to Luke Pickett, I have here and there heard that additional attitude emphasized in Jackson's voice within the vocals of the young UK musician. EARMILK first broke their comfort zone with Luke's emotional WDEP EP, and since then the R&B section of EARMILK's virtual record shop has garnered more space.

"Loving You Is Wrong" is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming Luke Pickett debut album. It follows a top 15 UK R&B singles spot and VIBE declaring him "a relief to all mankind." I'm not sure if referencing it that way is a bit grandiose, but I'm confident in Luke's career- to say the least. It's just that I don't want to draw away from his traditional, authentic, and very clear compositions, as sometimes the drowned out language of bloggers can overtake the true essence of the music.

Check out Pickett's video for "Loving You Is Wrong" below:


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