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Monogem keeps the mystery with new release "Follow You"

Fresh from their premiere with Nylon Magazine, “Follow You” from LA based duo Monogem - a new electro project comprised of singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh and producer Scott Smith - is strikingly elusive in nature. The aptly named track is ironically significant due to the complexities in its take on genre, meaning and the large cult following Hirsh has amassed in only a handful of releases. Perhaps it is the warm reserve in her vocals that draw the audience in while retaining a fragile, otherworldly quality existing beyond the realm of complete understanding that explains their success. “Follow You” is that quiet, more reflective moment on the dance floor where thought overtakes movement in waves of electro with a vintage disco and psychedelic influence. Just when the listener believes that they have grasped it, the track trails away and in that immediate mystery they are sure to follow.

Disco · Electro


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  • The vocals on this track are mesmerising! Haven't heard of Monogram before but I will definitely be following them to keep track of their future releases.


    Avatar Pyrrhic June 3, 2014 1:48 PM Reply

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