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House music and disco pop collide on Mark Knight's remix of Basement Jaxx's "Never Say Never"

Mark Knight loves to support his fellow Brit, carefully using his impressible influence as one of house music's most authentic producers to turn heads to music that's worth a listen to. What better timing then for the release of his remix of Brixton's Brit disco pop group Basement Jaxx's single from their upcoming album release, "Never Say Never." The two artists seem to lead parallel musical lives with their disco-influenced tunes, with Knight residing atop Toolroom Records and Basement Jaxx holding mainstream chart-topping hits in their arsenal. And Knight's work this week on "Never Say Never" does what I'd imagine was planned all along: gets us pumped for their official release.


Basement Jaxx, Mark Knight

"Never Say Never" (Mark Knight Remix)

  • Toolroom Records
  • TOOL30801Z


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