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Beatking is a "Club God Zilla" in new video

I'm not sure exactly why Beatking has become one of my favorites over the last six months, but alas I find myself unable to resist the humor and style of the Texas-based Club God. His beats are infectious, his lyrics are filled with hilarious one-liners, and it genuinely seems like he's just trying to have the best time possible, all of which is great for those stuck in the 9-5 routine world. 

Anyways, he's just released visuals for "Club God Zilla" and its great. Featuring him in a strip club with money and occasionally his buddies, it's definitely not a forward-thinking video on feminism, but it definitely highlights Beat King and how he gets down. Despite all of this, I can't stop blasting this at home and thinking about whether or not it's appropriate to turn up on a Tuesday. 

... I'm saying sorry in advance to my not-so hip hop inclined roommate because this is going to be blasting tonight. 

Gangsta Stripper Music 2, his next release, will be out June 10.

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