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Cool off with Broke For Free's album 'Petals' [Premiere]

Fans of chillwave and trip hop: listen up. Broke For Free (Tom Cascino) quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to chilled out and mellow vibes, first gaining a lot of attention with his EP release Gold Can Stay  a while back. Ever since, he has been slaving away in developing a full length album filled with tasty guitar hooks, dope beats, and a double-dosage of feel-good. 

Lucky for us, we have the privilege to yet again introduce Broke For Free's latest material. This time, it's the first half of his latest album Petal. As you browse through the songs one at a time, you'll notice that he has managed to keep that consistent Broke For Free feel which many fans will appreciate. "Golden Hour" is the opening song for Petal that sets the pace and mood of the album wonderfully. It's ingredients include an uplifting beat, a guitar loop, and soft, ambient effects that complement a sunny day. It's also a great first song to listen to if you are a Broke For Free newb. 

"Melt" is also another song to scope out if you are just discovering this Oakland based producer. This particular song is one of many that introduces a slightly edgier percussion, which gives both the song and the album more weight. Like almost all Broke For Free songs, "Melt" features an pleasing guitar loop and a head-bobbing beat with an awesome addition of a ukulele in the latter half of the track  

"Golden Hour" and "Melt" are only but two of 15 expertly crafted tunes in Petal. Here at EARMILK, you can get an early listen of half of the album before the rest of the it hits the airwaves. And trust us, you don't want to miss the rest of the album. Petal as a whole gives us uplifting and optimistic sounds, almost as if Broke For Free is in a care-free state of mind. 

Stream some of songs from Petal that will dominate your Summer chill playlist below and tune in to his BandCamp page for the fullest experience.  


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