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Sprawlhunt drops bombs on "Suede Bomber"[Premiere]

Toronto, as of late, has experience a sharp rise in hip-hop activity as local artists have burst onto the international hip-hop scene. With this rise in activity out of Toronto comes a wide breadth of diverse talent that doesn’t curate to one collective “Toronto Sound”. One of the most diverse and unique acts comings out of the Six is Sprawlhunt— a rap-producer duo with an edgy punk-rock-inspired aesthetic.

 Sprawlhunt’s most recent release, “Suede Bomber” showcases just this aesthetic. With production featuring break-beat drums, and distorted guitar samples, “Suede Bomber” exudes an air of apprehension as Sprawlhunt unleashes a stream of abrasive lyrics that clearly exhibit their punk rock influence. Sprawlhunt themselves describe the subject material of the track as a “response to society’s apprehensive ‘good people’”, a response which resonates with the ideals of the 90’s punk rock movement. Sprawlhunt’s distinct blend of hip hop can be likened to that of the hip hop styling’s of British punk artist King Krule, whose sound has been meet with a surge of acceptance and appreciation. Although Sprawlhunt is relatively unknown, a listen through their debut project Of Guts and Glory, is indicative of the mass amount of potential Sprawlhunt has and attributes to the prospect of Sprawlhunt being as big as King Krule himself.

 Be sure to stream “Suede Bomber” below and keep it locked to EARMILK for all the latest from the Toronto-based duo. 

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Suede Bomber

  • Hellofarecord
  • 2014-05-29
Hip-Hop · Punk · Rap


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6 years ago

WOW. That was incredible!!!