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Coco Bryce wants us to do a "Luv Danse" [Premiere]

Coco Bryce has been quite busy in 2014, and things are going to get busier on June 23rd when his EP, The Lover, will see the light of day via his own Myor Imprint

To get us ready for what he has in store for us, he has given us the premiere for "Luv Danse," a fantastic track that for some reason reminds me of Ponyo, if the movie was scored by eclectic producers from far off lands. The track is strange and weird without being dark. Instead, it's light and floaty, exploring the light aspects of electronic music that has traces of hip hop in it. 

Overall, it's a bit bizarre of a track and probably not for the entry-level music listener. However, if you're always looking for the weirdest tracks out there, this is definitely one to keep your ears open to. 



Coco Bryce

Luv Danse

  • Myor
  • June 23, 2014


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