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Body Language remix Hellogoodbye's "(Everything Is) Debatable" [Premiere]

In between making critically acclaimed music, Brooklyn's Body Language have been known to let out a remix here and there, including remixes of Neon Indian and Vacationer in the past. For their latest reworking, Body Language take on Hellogoodbye's well-received 2013 single "(Everything Is) Debatable". 

Glitzing out the original track with an array of hollow textures, Body Language use Hellogoodbye's frontman Forrest Kline's voice to act as a center-point, where the vocals are the only aspect of the remix that take on a conservative feel. Surrounding the vocals is a lush electronic soundscape that both spikes in between vocal runs and swells in support of Kline to combine for a listening experience that is filled with audible treats. 

With the success of last year's Social Studies LP and the diversity found in the electronic work within their remixes, the future is clearly bright for Body Language.


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