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Find your new obsession with Kodak to Graph's remix of "So High" [Download]

I wasn't kidding with the title on this post: I am genuinely obsessed with this tune. I'm typically impressed with what Kodak to Graph releases, but I was particularly pleased to stumble upon his newest track, a remix of "So High" by Doja Cat

I love pretty much everything about this one: the smooth vocals, chill synths, crisp 808 drums, and just the overall feels associated with it. The song begins with a more hip-hop/garage feel, but eventually transitions into a hard-hitting trap drop that will blow your mind. The download will cost you your e-mail address, but I can assure you, it's well worth it (and you won't get spammed - I promise). It clearly took some pretty robust musical ingenuity on behalf of Kodak to Graph to make this remix, so don't forget to show your appreciation by giving him a like or a follow. 

Bass · Garage · Hip-Hop · Trap


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