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Yuki showcases a new mix and preview of a forthcoming album

Hailing from South Korea is the new, but vibrant producer Yuki. Just recently, she has released a mix and two singles. Last year Yuki released her remix of  XXYYXX's 'About You'  with Dream Koala,  that received lots of exposure. Since then, Yuki has been rather quite until these releases. Taking inspiration from all sorts of things ranging from Blackedout, Dream Koala, Yuna Kim and Haruki Murakami's novels, this artist really enjoys all levels of the musical spectrum. My overall favorite is "Stay Forever" due to it's emotionally tone and how it touches the right parts of the brain while listening. The keys so soft and chimes so bright, all blended with astral vocals can only make one surrender.

Yuki shows what you should "Never Feel" with a sentimental, sad, and positive vibe " Perfectly slow with a wet reverbed vibe, the vocals mixed with the swelling piano creates an uplifting mood. Additonally, かなしま ないで ゆな has a more oriental feel with those opening strings.

Although these tunes puts you in a dreamy like state Yuki does more than captivate as you will follow and like all her work on soundcloud! Be on the look out for more tunes this coming in July for the highly anticipated EP

AMDISCS label released the "Mix 4 AMDISCS - 2014" last week and that really turned some heads check it out, tracklist below


01 Dream Koala ~ Saturn Boy
02 Blackedout ~ Suede
03 PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ Wus Good / Curious
04 Yuki ~ Stay Forever
05 Saiba 98 ~ Rain
06 Hong Kong Express ~ Romance and the City
07 Drake ~ Number 15
08 Shak ~ Same Time, Same Places
09 Blackedout ~ Mother Mary Chain
10 Sean Leon ~ Juice



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