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Space Jesus creates chaos with new EP, 'ATOM + EVE'

Who exactly is Space Jesus? With a name such as Space Jesus, one can really expect an extraordinary sound. Based out of Brookyln, NY, Jasha Tull certainly meets expectations with his unique style of future-based bass music. Jasha Tull created his alter ego in 2010 with a debut self titled EP Space Jesus. Since then, his influence and talent has only grown in more than just production. This musician is hard to pinpoint under any genre as his sound is constantly diverse and never resting. His most recent release, Atom + Eve showcases Space Jesus's forward thinking production. He mainly focuses on heavy bass lines with an underlying psychedelic tone and often mixes hip hop into his work. Yet even this is an understatement as Space Jesus is a master of all trades. 

Space Jesus's EP is a completely new experience covering a wide range of sounds. The initial track "HMU" and EP single is vibrantly composed and uses retro sounding vocals from Clay Parnell and Rory Dolan. The song moves slowly from one note to the next with a tropical melody to guide the way. "Nice Ass Yeans" is easily the most aggressive track on the entire work and has a fluttering bass line that drops tempo around the second drop. "Trillionaire Club" highlights Space Jesus's hip hop influence as the track uses a maniac blabbering on about some potential business plan.  The song moves into a constant echo of reverb synths that sound as if they're bouncing off each other. Finally, the last track on the EP is by far my personal favourite. The track pays testimony to the Italian community where Jasha grew up in New Jersey. Using an old recording of an Italian singer mixed with a deep sub and heavy bass, Space Jesus closes Atom + Eve with a bang. Grab it off Bandcamp now.




Bass · Dubstep · Future Funk


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