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Eminem & Spike Lee present "Headlights" [Video]

In the same week that he sold out Wembley Stadium in just over 30 minutes, Eminem has released his 4 minute video for the latest MMLP2 cut, “Headlights”. The emotional track features the pristine vocals of Nate Ruess and is one of the more talked about pieces of Em’s 2013 sequel to The Marshall Mathers LP. On “Headlights” the rap legend shocked a lot of people as he, in short, apologised to his now immortalised Mother for his part in their publically documented and lyrically aired feud. Spike Lee’s been brought in to direct the video for “Headlights” and the result is a compelling visualisation of Slim’s shady feelings and regrets geared towards his relationship with Debbie Mathers. We follow the story from Mrs Mathers’ point of view as she switches over television channels that play infamous Eminem music videos of which she is the subject. As well as getting treated to some rare photos of a young Marshall, we watch as Debbie’s attempts to reconcile with her son are quashed by the superstar’s security, this appears to fuel her drinking and domestic madness.

In a gripping scene, Eminem and his Mom reunite on his drive way before embracing for a short while in a bittersweet moment that’s also captured lyrically: “You pulled up in our drive one night as we were leaving to get some hamburgers. Me, her and Nate, we introduced you, hugged you and as you left I had this overwhelming sadness come over me as we pulled off to go our separate paths, and I saw your headlights as I looked back and I'm mad I didn't get the chance to thank you for being my Mom and my Dad”. Check out “Headlights” below and watch a story unfold that many of us would never imagine happening.

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