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#Mashup Monday - Week 103

These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO!

Before we get started on this week's selection of mashups, I'd like to apologize for the lack of Mashup Monday posts. Having curating this list for quite some time, my musical tastes (and library) slowly began to distance itself from mashups. Frankly, this wasn't surprising as many people find themselves attracted to new things; my music library from high school days is immensely different from my current music library. But recently, I've rediscovered the pleasure I got from listening to the innovative sample combinations that artists continue to create. So I get back into the groove of searching for mashups from new, and old, artists, let's rediscover what makes mashups just so appealing to our ears. Much like a well-aged, vintage scotch, these mashups (and the selections from previous weeks) will only get better with time. Let's fill our cups and enjoy one sip...err, listen at a time.

Duncan Gerow delivers our first refreshing sip with his smoothly refined "Ball" featuring T.I., Lil Wayne, and Clams Casino. Not one to crowd his mashes with unnecessary samples, Duncan keeps it simple with T.I. and Lil Wayne delivering bars courtesy of their original "Ball", while Clams Casino's "Cold Feet" pounds a deep bass line until our aural senses are in a drunken stupor.


To reinvigorate ourselves, DJ AA supplies us with pleasant "Magic", which is best served chilled by the beach or pool. Sampling The Black Eyed PeasColdplayDeepjack, and Mr. Nu, "Magic" lets the music just flow. With each sample perfectly positioned, AA allows us to just kick back, relax, and truly enjoy his work.


Wanting a little more pep in your selection? Look no further than DJ Tuck's combination of The Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Runnin" and Martin Garrix's "Proxy". To some it may be slightly jarring to hear a 70's rock band delivering vocals then greeted with the raucous power of "Proxy", for avid followers of Mashup Monday this should be right up there alley. It's these combinations that are so left-field that really stick with me. Plus with the week just starting, this edit can adequately serve as a "get up and go" track.


Rounding out this week's selection, we have tracks from Ricky Cervantes & Cohenbvnny, DJ TrademarkDJ Y alias JY, newcomer BVXTERLeeDM101, and acquaintance. supplying us with 10 unique selections. As I get back into the swing of things, the selection size will surely increase so be on the lookout for 15-20 mashups for next Monday.

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Clayton mika
7 years ago

“: #Mashup Monday - Week 103 - http://t.co/HMcgqQQBp6” oooooooooooooooooooo shiiiiiitttttttt

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