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Rapper Bossiie makes demands in "Tjovitjo" [Video]

Azealea Banks and Nicki Minaj aren't the only boss ass bitches in the rap game right now. Take Bossiie, South African-born currently London-based verse extraordinaire. Her lyrics are the only thing that top the massive dub-style African beats in her tracks. With production partners like Marcel Everett (a.k.a. XXYYXX) and Raphadon, there's really nothing stopping her from hitting the top. She's got the looks, style, and heavy hitting rhythms to run the game, and we hope she gets there soon.

Bossiie's latest video, for "Tjovitjo", was filmed in Thokoza where her mom was born. The tune hits heavy with an ominous bell toll and creepy whistling (after all, the word Tjovitjo is South African street slang for 'whistle'). With great remix potential, "Tjovitjo" earns itself a place in the current rap game as a solid production with a memorable hook. 

You can check out her current EP below!

Hip-Hop · Rap


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7 years ago

": Rapper Bossiie makes demands in "Tjovitjo" [Video] - http://t.co/VEgreyGAZ6 @bossiiepage" This is Sickkk