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Let Richard Fearless take you to "Higher Electronic States" [Video]

You probably know Richard Fearless best as the leader of psychedelic electronica act Death In Vegas, who made waves back in the dawn of the new millennium. He's stayed busy, launching a new record label, Drone, with his latest track, "Higher Electronic States" seemingly serving as mission statement. He's also responsible for the creation of the song's music video, a pulsing lazer-fest that mirrors the intense strobing cadence of the track. The track is more true to classic dance floor techno than most of what Death in Vegas put out, although it does remind me of a darker version of some of the material on Satan's Circus. The track is proof that although Fearless has been flying under the radar for a while, the guy is a veteran who lives and breathes dance music. It's great to hear that he'll be active in other ways while we wait for the next Death in Vegas album.




Richard Fearless

Higher Electronic States

  • Drone
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