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Tim Margolin takes you through his "Absurdly Cold" journey [Video]

Who is Tim Margolin? Though the name may evade your memory right now, it won’t from this point forward. Tim is a rapper from Stony Brook, New York, and although he has been seriously pursuing music for about five years, this compilation is truly formative and all-inclusive. In the video he conveys a little bit of everything and it seamlessly transitions through the different pieces. It’s a great story and implements insight to his musical journey. His expertise and artistry are individual and obvious with his fine-tuned flow and articulation.

“I have a much longer history as a writer than I do as a speaker...When I began in 2010 I wrote verses with a pen and pad. The more I freestyled and performed, the harder that got to do. Until it was actually impossible and actually became a source of anxiety...I could do almost anything I wanted in the moment with the pressure and cues of people watching, but was not able to put together words on a page to make a verse to save my life.”

It’s been quite a journey for this skilled artist. “If the video is at all successful, it should feel a little like one long day.” It’s exhilarating to say the least, and hopefully you experience part of his journey throughout this video too. You also may be wondering, with all these intricate lines and phrases, what does “Absurdly Cold” mean? It actually means just that, it was absurdly cold outside. I actually really appreciated the title of this video, because I feel like it embodies how candid he is. While he is one to evoke wonder and questions, he also means what he says. It’s not sugar-coated or spoon-fed, it’s simply there in all its sincerity, free to interpretation. Now, do you know who Tim Margolin is?


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