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Max Cooper's takes 'Human' to the next level in remix EP

As a follow up to Max Cooper's debut LP, Human, the UK producer is dropping the first of two remix EPs. The first remix EP, Inhuman One, features remixes from Rodriguez Jr., Lusine, and Harvey McKay and was dropped on Monday. We can expect the second EP to drop on May 12th.

Cooper has a knack for truly taking his fans and listeners on an emotional journey with his productions. He offers not only music that will move you to feel sad or happy, but music that offers moments to see deeply into your own soul. I'm glad Cooper decided to create this remix project, because it gives these producers the opportunity to translate his talent into their own language.

The first track, "Supine", is remixed by Rodriguez Jr. and the result is a very melodic techno track on the border of a gentle house track. The second track, "Woven Ancestry", comes with subtle touches from Lusine. The analogue melodies may come across gentle and soothing on your home stereo or through your headphones, but I imagine that on a dance floor, the song will transcend into a very moving track. The third track, "Von Der Klippe Fallen" is a Harvey McKay remix of the original track from Tom Hodge and Max Cooper. The Scottish producer blends the extended classical piano melody into the techno before the eerie body of the track thumps in.

Whether you choose to enjoy these remixes on the club floor or to contemplate over the sensual production elements in private, you can't go wrong with a listen to the Inhuman One remix EP. Check the three tracks out below!

Max Cooper - "Supine" (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)


[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/146275800" width="100%" height="166" ifame="true" /]

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