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Phoria stuns with new teasing track "Emanate" off forthcoming 'Display' EP

Brighton-based darlings Phoria have really done it this time with "Emanate". The single, hailing off of their upcoming Display EP (which will be available June 2014 via X Novo), wafts alternative electronica. Coming to no surprise to fans of past tracks such as "Red" and "Scopes" off of the 2013 Bloodworks EP, Phoria's "Emanate" is experimental yet spacious, honing in on what Phoria does so masterfully. 

The track's very intrigue roots from the sonic tension between climax and ambience, the organic and synthetic. As the lead single off Display, "Emanate" proves Phoria's ability to remain diverse and versatile in 2014. 

Recently, EARMILK had a quick chat with the fivesome to uncover Display's musical direction, Phoria's modest hopes for reception, and the excitement surrounding tour plans. 

1. In comparison to Phoria's 2013 release of the Bloodworks EP, what direction have you taken for the Display EP?
This EP takes a thread that started when we were recording Bloodworks and runs with it. Part of what made Bloodworks so tricky was that we were racing through new material as we were deciding the tracklist, meaning we had a new collection every week of what we thought were the strongest songs. We only released that one when we were totally happy with it, and it seems that since then we've really managed to hone our sound. It's like Bloodworks was a stepping stone to the Display EP. The songs this time around feel a little tighter. They've got an urgency to them that wasn't quite there on Bloodworks. The beats are a bit tighter; more sketchy. The sound is a little more...
2. “Emanate” seems to radiate a similar spacious vibe evident on “Red”. Does this speak volumes on what we can expect to hear from the rest of the album?
Does the song speak volumes about it? Well...not like an old man smoking a pipe in his drawing room kind of speak about it. More like a chitty-chat at a bus stop with an old lady whose had an interesting day. She can draw you in, if you're willing to engage, but you're not going to hear the full story by the time the bus arrives. It's a rich experience, though. Clear?
3. What do you hope for fans to experience while listening to the Display EP? How do you picture the reception?
We hope they'll like it! Honestly, we believe in it, and we hope people will engage with it and hopefully find something that speaks to them. That's about the most you can hope for. I think there's some universal stuff in there if people are willing to look for it. I honestly don't know if we make music that strikes to you on the surface – I always wonder if it takes a little investment to get what we're really going for. I have no idea which one we are (maybe we're both or neither) but whatever works for people, I hope they find it in us.
4. Is a tour of sorts in the works to promote Display? Us fans certainly hope so!
We literally cannot wait to get out on the road proper after this one is released. Sitting down in the studio and working everything out is one thing, and it has its joys, but out on the road, sleeping in the back of a van with your face against the spare tire, sitting in a seat until your back goes numb, drinking service station coffee, rolling up to a new town to scare everyone with our facial hair and loud synthesizers: that's where the fun is. We're going to play anywhere and everywhere that will have us. With our string-quartet. And dancers. And a light show. Yes.

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Before you can get your hands on the digital/limited edition vinyl release of Display, you can catch Phoria play The Great Escape Festival May 8 at St Mary's Church at 7pm. 

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