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Body Heat cooks up all-organic funk with free 4-pack disco download

Though polyester flared pants and colorful three-piece suits may be long gone, the 70s live on as the ever-popular sounds of disco continue to rock the electronic world. From Duck Sauce to Solidisco, we've seen groovy beats overtake festival sets, radio shows, and Hypem charts.  However, one of my favorite subgenres of the sound, turbofunk, continues to live in relative obscurity. Leaning towards the more electro end of the spectrum and sporting a faster BPM than true disco, it's the modern electro house response to funk.  Though relatively new to the scene, Body Heat, the Milan-based label founded in 2013, aims to bring this sound to electronic's forefront, crafting tracks from the bottom up that speak to updated 70s sensibilities. What appeals to me most about the collective besides what they create is why they create it: "We do it for the pleasure of creating something we like and think is good and honest and personal."

With that in mind, take a listen to Body Heat's 4-track Spring/Summer 2014 pack that includes a perfect taste of all things disco. If you want something more classic, Umberto Lumber and Rocoe serve up 115 BPM classic disco in "Raw Spank". Toxo builds a garage vibe with "Need Your Love", replete with vocal samples and hi hat phrases. Picking it up a few notches, The Couch Potatoes dish out their "Superlove" bootleg, featuring shifting synth lines built on an increased tempo. Finally we reach "Workout", a track by Msystem that rounds off the pack with syncopated beats and pronounced climbs.

This is the future of funk, so grab the entire pack for free and support Body Heat by giving them a like.


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