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Crossover into KiNK's fun and robotic world with track "Dama" [Premiere]

One of today's essential synthesizers with a keen touch for adjusting knobs to quirky pitches, Bulgarian producer, KiNK, constantly reshapes the conventional processes of recording and performing electronic music in such a way that has earned him prime time opportunities to display his methods and creations for audiences worldwide. With a number of releases already catalogued for Ovum, Kolour, Rush Hour, and Burek (to name a few), KiNK's running discography is nothing short of impressive. Always producing original tracks and remixes with radiance that traces a uniquely recognizable guise, he has finally come around to readying his debut LP, Under Destruction. 

 Created in and inspired by past political histories surrounding Bulgaria, this analog sequenced concept of regeneration via destruction denotes energetic bursts of looming robotic continuance that is both novel and intergallactic. EARMILK's giving you the opportunity to check out "Dama", the first track off the album. Slowly coming to life, the comical and crisp modular sounds errupt into an unexpected stampede of screaming vocals, saturated noises, and laser-like jangles. Showcasing as much playful charisma as Strahil Velchev himself tends to radiate in his live performances, Rachel Row's assist on vocals adds a thrilling pizzazz that sends this one off to eerie dimensions. 

Set for release via Macro, be sure to check out the rest of the release and grab your copy of Under Destruction out the 5th of May. 







Under Destruction

  • Macro
  • 05-05-2014
Electronic · Exclusive · Feature


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