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Yngcult's mesmerizing Capitøll EP drops, featuring two stunning new tracks

Los Angeles-based outfit Yngcult are at it again finally having dropped their debut EP in its entirety. Before doing so, fans endlessly listened to leading tracks "Sides of War" and "Let's Get It Back" off of the Capitøll EP, but now have the ability to surround their ears in a few more tunes.

"Absølute" being one of these April 22 independently released tracks, glistens in its minimalistic electronica. Proving similar to artists such as Cathedrals, Yngcult continues to outdo themselves with this single in particular, as it proves to be quite a strong contender to the overwhelming reception "Sides of War" received. "Absølute" wafts synthetic energy, reminding us of the soulful aura left behind by the anterior fan favourite.

While "GOHM" takes things down a notch, stressing the emotional implication of raw piano and vocals, "Piano Songs" exists as dancier and spacious, shyly exploring techno territory. The didactic value surfaces most prominently on this track, emphasizing Yngcult's use of a plethora of genres to depict their diversity in sound and inspiration. 

The Capitøll EP communicates Yngcult's ability to treat each song as an autonomous entity, while also concocting and establishing an overall feel to the five-track release. The dark electro-pop duo therefore have defined their approach to music making as a fusing of indie and electronic elements to in turn create radiative, progressive vibes. We really can't help but be captivated.  



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