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Rome Fortune recruits Peewee Longway & ShoMo to "Get That"

In only one week, fans will be treated to Drives, Thighs, & Lies EP, the collaborative project from Atlanta emcee Rome Fortune and producer Dun Deal. These two have worked together previously, on Fortune's Beautiful Pimp mixtape and on a number of loose singles; however, this is the first time they have come together for an entire piece of work and looking at both artists' resumes should get listeners excited. Dun Deal is responsible for a number of recent Atlanta hits, including the Migos ode to nose candy "Hannah Montana," while the Cowboy Pimp has repeatedly displayed his penchant for experimenting with sound, especially on his sophomore release Beautiful Pimp 2. They're a couple that come from a hip hop hotbed, but don't expect their music to sound like their peers. There will be a steady amount of experimentation going on, as each attempts to assert themselves and their unorthodox styles. 

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If you think that might be an exaggeration, check out their second official single from the EP. Dun Deal crafted a beat that is totally unique and innovative for "Get That"; it doesn't sound like anything else coming out of the South or hip hop right now. Flowery synthesizers are sprinkled all over the track, jumping on top of each other like he just threw them in a beautiful bounce house; it gives off the feeling of waking up to the most triumphant, glorious spring morning. His selective and relatively simple drums provide the necessary structure for the song, but still allows the melodies to float around in almost liquid form. 

This ethereal quality of the production allows the performing emcees to inject a lot of personality into their flows. Rome maintains his too-cool-for-school delivery, but what he actually fits into his rhymes show his continued growth and hunger. He isn't taking a laid back stance, but directly addressing those who might of slept or don't understand his lifestyle. He is out to prove something on this track, "I'm a fiend for esteem, I need a motherfucking slice of your cheese," is how his verse ends. He gets Peewee Longway and ShoMo to add their personal styles to the single. The former's verse is energetic and filled with a number of memorable lines that may soon become rallying calls for many listeners. While ShoMo's chorus is much more even keel and calm; he wants to make sure everyone knows that he is no longer broke and getting money.

Rome Fortune and Dun Deal have made great songs together previously, but "Get That" might be the best to date. From its airy production to the performances from the emcees, everything just works. We are sure that the rest of Drives, Thighs, & Lies will sound just as good, so on April 30th make sure you go out and pick it up. Head down to Rome's soundcloud to hear previous leaks.

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