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Jez Dior & G-Eazy take a swig of that "Old No. 7"

Just like the mystery behind the legendary Jack Daniels and how the significance of Old No. 7 came to be, there's a side of Los Angeles rapper Jez Dior that always leaves us wondering what he'll do next. Last month's "Who Drank My Whiskey" was a drastic change that saw him switching up his sound for new territory and to experiment with new sounds. In keeping with the theme of whiskey, "Old No. 7" has Dior relapsing back to themes similar to his drink of choice: dark, rough and full of character. With G-Eazy supplying the melancholic bars detailing his hunger to stay in the game until he seems a Grammy on his mantle, the track is a refreshing, yet tragic set of events that plays well against the recent popularity of the one-sided nature of drill music. It's a hip hop track cleverly veiled as a rock infused tale of alienation and regret, but is able to connect on a personal level without being too preachy. Check it out down below and key your eyes out for Jez's upcoming project, Grunge Rap, which hopefully drops sometime this year.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/144862031"]


Grunge · Hip-Hop · Indie


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Christian Rosier
Christian Rosier
6 years ago