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Daktyl's remix of Dawn Golden's "All I Want" will leave you needing more [Premiere]

Securing a spot on the first ever Mad Decent Volume 1 Compilation over two years ago, Dawn Golden's (Dexter Tortoriello) original 2010 productions caught the eye of Diplo who immediately signed Dexter. Barely a year later they released Blow, a noisier departure from his calmer project, Houses. On the docket for 2014 is Still Life, the debut album that promises to push the envelope of sad bangers to a level once thought monopolized by the indie rock and new wave scenes. 

In anticipation of the album, Dexter released "All I Want", a stirring rainy-day tune filled with bubbling toms, spacious grand piano, and heartwrenching lyrics, little over a month ago. "I wanted the record to sound sterile and futuristic, while at the same time pounding the entirety of suburban decay through a megaphone. Like if [Sam Mendes'] American Beauty was set in the Tron world." Good on you, Dexter. We're feeling every bit of it *wipes single tear from right lateral canthus*.

In an effort to bring "All I Want" to festival crowds and club-friendly setlists, 21-year-old London-based producer Daktyl took it upon himself to remix the pseudo-slow dance song. Highlighting the impassioned sentiments and bittersweet overtones of the original, he successfully created a head-bobbing downtempo refix that hits harder than most soft trap songs these days. The BRH build might fool listeners at first, but the dripping clicks and ever-present sub bass of the chorus instantly reaffirms the remix's intent.

Still Life releases on May 13, 2014 via Mad Decent and Downtown Records. If you pre-order the album via iTunes now, you will receive an instant download of "All I Want".

Chillwave · Downtempo · Main Stage · Trap


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