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Brooklyn-based Amen Dunes release "I Can't Dig It" off upcoming record 'Love'

Amen Dunes is the musical venture of the ever talented Damon McMahon, a man who alludes to tradition, nostalgia, and timelessness. Thematically reflected within his music, McMahon wins over listeners through an exploration of singer-songwriter, rock, and progressive realms, which is explicit on previously released singles "Lonely Richard" and "Lilac In Hand". To follow up, Amen Dunes has just unveiled the third track hailing off of the forthcoming record Love, an album set to be released on May 13 via Sacred Bones. 

"I Can't Dig It" is full of distorted riffs and meticulous songwriting that together creates an overwhelmingly powerful wall of sound. Featuring the likes of Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor on lead guitar and Colin Stetson of Bon Iver on sax, the track is impulsive and full of emotional strength. It really is a treat to listen to.

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