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Ace Cosgrove sends happy 4/20 vibes with "High Tides" [Premiere]

In my experience, when Maryland is brought up in casual conversation, some of the first things people tend to mention is Baltimore, Crack, PG County, amazing crab cakes, and of course, The Wire, which can almost be sub-categorized under crack. Almost rarely, if at all,  do you hear about Montgomery County. Enter Ace Cosgrove, a word weaver with all the lyrical talent and skill necessary to bring a place like that to light, with the attitude of Tommy Chong. 

In light of 4/20 (or Easter depending on your habits or lack thereof), Ace brings us the positive vibes of  "High Tides" , a track that didn't make the cut to his recent Simple Criticisms project, but was still cool enough to turn into a video. Directed by Criminal Priest, the video depicts a stoned escapade on the beach and through the festivities of Ocean City, MD. Because, what goes better with weed than a beach? Certainly a beer, and better yet, sex, but a beach is certainly up there. Happy 4/20!





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