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Amine Edge & DANCE remix S-Man's "Dangerous Thoughts" [Premiere]

There can be no doubt that the rise of electronic has brought the underground to the forefront, especially considering producers' determination to provide alternatives to what people consider mainstream. We've seen it with artists returning to minimal beats, experimenting in brand new genres, or even doing a complete 180 from their normal style. For some this resurgence means revisiting old projects, which is exactly what Roger Sanchez has done by bringing back his S-Man moniker. "Time 2 Stop" became the first hit from his alter ego back in 1994, and 20 years later he returns with "Dangerous Thoughts" off this new label, UNDR THE RADR.

The track drops on April 28th, along with a number of remixes, but today we have the Amine Edge & DANCE rework, which combines a late 90s sound with updated touches. Completely worked over by the g-house aficionados, the duo mix chopped vocals and descending, smooth synth lines to create a perfectly balanced reimagination. If you weren't a fan of the so-called underground before, Amine Edge & DANCE will make you one with this remix.

 S-Man Jan 2014 - Skyler Greene Photography



"Dangerous Thoughts" (Amine Edge & DANCE)

  • 2014-04-28


Dance · Exclusive · House


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