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A hit is reconceived with Sebastian Bach on Dada Life's "Born to Rage"

While some may have been enjoying margaritas and tacos yesterday, there were others who were celebrating the day with champagne and bananas, a combination that could be considered unsual to those who have never entered the world of Dada Life. Yet, it is a complete normalcy for the Stockholm-based DJ duo who have been impregnating the EDM scene with bass drops and pure energy since 2006. The odd dressing room demand for champagne & bananas has now become sysnomous for the pair, with the image of two bananas flanking a champagne bottle appearing as their artist crest.

Dada Life’s requirement must not be the most ridiculous demand that Sebastian Bach, lead singer of the 90’s heavy metal band Skid Row, has ever heard. In fact, it seems that he’s embraced the unique flare Dada Life has birthed, providing vocals for “Born to Rage”, a track that has previously been released in 39 versions, making this the 40th. Its clear Bach is ready to rage in the accompanying music video, where he yields an electrified microphone that has the power to transform a trailer-park family into Dada life and a group of ravers. The dudes from Dada, along with big poppa Bach, not only show us the importance of being who you want but raging while you do it. Enjoy the extended vocal version and the video below.

Stream:Dada Life - Born To Rage (Feat. Sebastian Bach)

dada life

Dada Life

"Born to Rage" (feat. Sebastian Bach)

  • So Much Dada
  • 2014-04-08
90's · Dance · Electronic · Metal


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