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HIGH HØØPS remixes BROODS' "Bridges"

HIGH HØØPS has a real talent for variety in his tracks, every sound feels particular and purposeful. This is something that every avid music fan will appreciate, especially when it comes to remixes. He has been featured here before with his wonderful track, "Magic Rain", and has just released a remix for fellow New Zealanders BROODS.  

There are no rules for redefinition, but this remix does a perfect job of balancing the original emotion of the track with his own special finesse. It’s surprising that this take works so well with this track, her breathy vocals and dejected lyrics make it seem restricted to a sadder sound, but if you have to know the rules in order to break them, then he must know them well. This song is blissful, emotional, and another great addition both his and BROODS repertoire.



Bridges (HIGH HØØPS Remix)



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