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Chrome Sparks has your "Goddess"

Brooklyn’s Chrome Sparks is a one-man project in composition. Jeremy Malvin got his start in classical percussion, and you can tell: his songs have a rhythmic undulation, almost like a wall of fuzzy synth, and the pugilistic melodies are impactful. With a sound this big, the live shows vary from eight piece bands to Jeremy going solo. Either way, it’s a sight to see.

“Goddess” opens with tan-hide percussion and reverbed, pitched vocal samples. Gliding synth lines, mathematical and clumsy, punctuate the sea of sound. Varied ornamentation texturizes the swells, until the break takes the track above the canopy. Think Tycho meets Ratatat. Arpeggiated synths tighten the sound, while wild LFOs slacken their rate.

“Goddess” is always catching up with itself.  You’re just along for the ride.

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