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Lazerdisk propels the Aussie Funk movement forward with "Kisser" remix [Exclusive Download]

We've all heard the sound by now—Jersey Club meets R&B for a rendezvous with Jazz. Sultry yet calculated rhythms layered with 8-bit influences, slow-attack synth stabs, and classically-trained piano riffs. The funky hard hitting midtempo projects of modern day maestros Wave Racer, Cosmo's Midnight, and Lindsay Lowend are causing yet another rustle in popularized electronic music. In continuing preservation of the style henceforth dubbed Australian Funk (a.k.a. Aussie Funk), LA-based electronic duo, Lazerdisk, has temporarily hopped on the bandwagon for their latest remix of Step Rockets' "Kisser".

Adding their own lasers, modded vocals, and a well placed fiddle, the remix for "Kisser" proves that the versatility of this fresh style is limited only by our imagination. If you've heard any of the aforementioned musicians, you'll find this tune rather familiar in its choice of instruments and samples. Alas, the sonic mimicry serves only to showcase the versatility of Lazerdisk and their expansive style. We hope they make more and keep this style afloat.

For more from Step Rockets, they've got a new track called "Heart Attack Again" premiering on Neon Gold on Tuesday, April 8th.

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