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Archangel Zani shares 'Twilight Moon'

Emerging eccentric producer Archangel Zani has dropped his latest project Twilight Moon. The 7-track offering is an exploration of a wide variety of genres in the electronic sphere. From electronic, trance, euro step and more, Zani takes listeners down the rabbit hole into the digitally enhanced aesthetics of his world.

The project opens up with the fast-paced "Silver Crow" which is ripe with trance-arpeggios and airy synths layered over rousing 4/4 drum grooves. This is followed closely by the space shooter sounding "Intersteller Combat." He packs heavy metallic drums alongside a wobbly synth line on this tune. The progression is evident as dark strings help change the tone in the midsection where the drums go silent. On the title track, he brings back the airy trance arpeggios and peppers them with layered pads for the fun of it. The melody is somewhat nostalgic too and reminds me of those character selection screens from role-playing games.
The fun doesn't stop and the last two tracks "White Space" and "Finding Abigail" help close it out with their distinct synth-heavy arrangements. The former starts off with layered synths that slowly progress into a hard-hitting piece after the 1-minute mark while the latter has an anthemic and medieval sound reminiscent of fantasy flicks.
Formerly known as Lil Zani, Archangel Zani is embarking on a new journey as a musician with a new moniker and sounds to match the changes he has made in his progression. 

Connect with Archangel Zani : Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · Electronic · House · Indie Dance · Instrumental · Pop · Trance


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