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Young Thug and Metro Boomin come together for "The Blanguage"

Young Thug is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in the game, with his two hits "Danny Glover" and "Stoner" basically owning the clubs. His infectiously high pitched, change-on-a-dime vocal delivery has become a favorite among listeners, including high profiled celebrities like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Lebron James, and P. Diddy (or Puff Daddy, he may have changed his name once more). For those more interested in the names of the architects behind the boards, Metro Boomin is a relative new one, but an incredibly noteworthy person of interest. Thanks to his successful collaborations with hot ticket artists, including Future, Migos, Waka Flocka Flame, and Gucci Mane, the young producer has become one of the more popular beatsmiths in Atlanta. Thug (affectionately refereed to as Thugga) and Boomin have had a long relationship, contributing each other's past projects, but they have finally decided to combine their talents on one full length retail LP.

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Donning a new moniker, Metro Thuggin, the two released their first single from the upcoming album. "The Blanguage" is definitely a tongue-in-cheek reference to Drake's "The Language", in which he was called out for copying the "Migos" flow. Taking the foundation of the original beat, Boomin adds his low frequency, ear piercing kicks that take away any sentimentally left over and turns it into a hard hitting banger. To balance out the track, he lays beautifully light and airy synthesizer  on top, which flesh out the entire instrumental. Around the two minute and forty second mark, Thugga's vocals are relegated to only yelling out adlibs,  giving the beat some alone time, and it impossibly difficult to comprehend that this is a street club record; it sounds like an experimental soft electronic track, thanks to the gorgeous keys.

Young Thug's slurring, improvisational flow was made for this collaboration; constantly  correctly twisting and shifting ahead of Boomin's beat switches.  It might be the "Drake via Migos" delivery that he is emulating, but he makes it totally his, adding his screeching inflections at the right moments. He even lowers his voice to properly contribute a melodic complement to Boomin's boisterous production. Not to forget the memorable lines that he drops, like "smoking orange kush feeling like a cantaloupe" and "You pussy, you know you a cat, I see whiskers, you might tigger it." It's works so well. 

Metro Thuggin is a match made in hip hop heaven, two eccentric artists coming together to let loose means only one thing: great music is on its way to our ears. Young Thug and Metro Boomin are not going to follow any formula, which makes "The Blanguage" so interesting and keeps us waiting for more. Their collaboration is due out soon, keep an eye out for  it. 

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