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Take a minute and "Eeze Out" with E-Prosounds [Video]

Hazy, surrealist shapes and colours meshed together with lions and Disney princesses. Of course, none of these things make any sense until you peep the latest video from E-Prosounds. "Eeze Out," with it's strange yet spellbinding images that draw you in like an optical illusion, is a visual treat through and through.  E-Pro's monotone and profound intellectual style stem from his raw East Coast upbringings and he raps in such a way that you'll pick up a previously undiscovered entendre upon each listen.  Last month's The Divine Mind  (you can check out that album here) had the Rockland County native do his thing without getting too esoteric and "Eeze Out" is definitive track to get you addicted to his sound. With bars that mention everyone from Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder to the late Sam Kinison, it's impossible to not appreciate E-Pro's slick rhyme scheme. If you like your raps super experimental without being a lyrical miracle spiritual dude, bump this one and pick up the album. 


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7 years ago

thanks for posting the video, I truly appreciate it