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JayCeeOh, Ruen & Mister Gray team up and "Let Em Know" [Download]

There's no better time for a new festival trap banger than in the days leading up to Ultra Music FestivalJayCeeOhRuen and Mister Gray have put their heads together for a bass driving, electro-ridden bumper titled "Let Em Know." Destined for some spots in upcoming festival playlists, "Let Em Know" hits dirty, hard, and boasts a catchy sample from Big Boi. The trio's breakdown is perhaps the highlight of the track, which features a double-time thumping kick that will compel the crowd into a dance frenzy. 

JayCeeOh and his team of Ruen & Mister Gray have no doubt "let us know" with their latest collab, and don't be surprised if you hear this big room number this festival season. Lucky for you, they're releasing this track for a free download. Grab it below!


JayCeeOh, Ruen & Mister Gray

"Let Em Know" (Original Mix)

  • 26-Mar-14
Bass · Dance · Electro · Trap


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  • @JAYCEEOH @djruen badass!! Thank you guys for the write up!!

    Avatar Mister Gray March 27, 2014 3:49 PM Reply

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