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Dub brings the Harlem heat on "Welcome to the Origin" [Video]

Harlem's very own Dub might be a newcomer to the hip hop blog world, but the guy raps like he's been in the game for ages. As he does his thing over this sinister instrumental, we're introduced to shots of the emcee with his crew and a host of scenic views. Nice lyrics and a slick video aside, comparing Dub's raps to most of today's acts is like watching Michael Jordan in street ball game versus a team of weekend warriors. When the dude spits, there isn't a shred of disbelief in his bars. Paying tribute to those before him (But this is Mike with the moonwalk; B.I.G. in his prime/ Like Nas with the pink suit, similar vibe) "Welcome to the Origin"  comes across as a hungry and natural student who's ready to tell his story to the world. From Big L to The 48 Laws of Power (true story:  you're not a contemporary thug unless you are down with Robert Greene) Dub explores the pitfalls of the music industry and how those around him have shaped his career. Check it out down below; I guarantee you won't be disappointed.




"Welcome to the Origin"

  • March 26h, 2014
Hip-Hop · Music Videos · Rap


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