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Berlin's dream folk outfit Still Parade shares lead track "Fields" off 'Fields' EP

Still Parade, founded by Berlin-based Niklas Kramer, has just dropped his newest single titled "Fields" off of the forthcoming EP Fields. While the EP is set to be released in early May, the track anticipates a dreamy folk approach to the rest of the EP. 

Released by Serve and Volley Records, "Fields" exists with an existential glow. Notably conceived in Kramer's grandpa's home, Still Parade's aesthetic approach (as evident on their previous releases of "Actors" and "Health") still focuses on the importance of music alone, but has begun to reveal the persona behind the project.

The bits and pieces known about Kramer remain minimal, yet "Fields" acts as a sonic representation of Still Parade's character in a nutshell. Plans are in the mix to release an official music video sometime soon, followed by the confirmed release date of the Fields EP on May 6. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/141189646"] 

Ambient · Dreampop · Dreamwave · Folk


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Still Parade
7 years ago

@brontejm So glad you like the new tune!