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3 TEETH lure you into "Consent" [Video]

3 Teeth have created another mind bending video for their first single "Consent", from their self titled debut album that is lined up to be released in June through Artoffact Records. Since their last remix video for "Pearls 2 Swine" done by Diamondstein, this time they bring you another raw taste of surreality through this video. The track itself has a select mix of 90's industrial sound meets 2014 HD evil, creating this neo -noir portal into something that can be experienced visually through their video. The video itself features front man Alexis Mincolla data bending through several clips of ominous visuals that deliver it's own message to the viewer. Merging the video with the track creating a stimulating experience similar to a opiate induced trip. If this doesn't fix your 3 Teeth fix there will be a limited vinyl release soon that comes with a USB tooth drive filled with remixes and exclusive art work available through Storming The Base.




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