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Tall Black Guy adds another layer of smoothness to "Sade's Taboo"

Sade is one of those bands that seemingly can do no wrong, every single is like a new treasure and each album is a musical revelation. Their Greatest Hits is required listening for everyone, especially those who are passionate about their music. Sade's vocals and her backing bands musicianship created some of the best and most revered songs of the 80s and 90s, tampering with such comes with an implicit danger. However, Tall Black Guy manages to rework one of their classics so beautifully that it might be able to compete with the original in terms of smoothness and seductive energy.

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"Sweetest Taboo" is one of Sade's most popular and well known tracks, thanks to the infectious melody that burrows its way into listeners' ears; sung with her rich velvety soulful voice, complimenting the r&b and pop fusion that the band laid out, everything worked. Tall Black Guy had a wealth of tools needed to make a great instrumental, but also a number of opportunities to misstep or slip up. Thankfully, he was able to rework these famous vocals and instrumentation gracefully, highlighting moments in the original that were downplayed or ignored.

This Detroit bred producer has a way with sampling, its almost intoxicating. Tall Black Guy takes her vocals and layers them over one another, creating a richer melody that his jazzy keys accompany throughout. He also found a way to mimic the sound of instruments with Sade's crooning, by passing them through different filters and effects. His live instrumentation was just as important though, especially once the breakdown begins around the middle. The bass and synthesizer work fit comfortably next to the pre-recorded music in the arrangement. 

Tall Black Guy took Sade's "Sweetest Taboo" and made it into "Sade's Taboo", a soulful break beat track that still follows it precedent. He is definitely a producer to keep your eye on, if you haven't already noticed his instrumentals online. Head over to his Soundcloud page to find a wealth of previous work that will have your head nodding for hours. 

Hip-Hop · Instrumental · Soul


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