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Recondite showcases beautific and transfixing techno with 'PSY' EP

The beauty Recondite embellishes in his often deep and melancholic music has led to many associating the Berlin based producer as one of today's most individual and refreshing techno names around. Between his two ample LP's released under his own Plangent Records imprint and Ghostly,  along with the number of premier EP's delivered for labels like Dystopian, Hotflush,  and Trolldans, Recondite is yet to lose grip of the somber-washed sounds found in his music. Now forming part of the 50th catalog pack on Dixon & Âme's Innervisions label, he returns with PSY—a two-tracker enclosed with an inclining refinement of techno drums hanging on the edge of sophistication.


stream: Recondite - PSY


stream: Recondite - Fiery

Chalking big kicks and squatting subs is the title track, "PSY", building up a bracing suspense enough to tense up a dance floor at the right moment. With its dusky progression continually assembling itself, the celestial chords that seep towards the track's midpoint reminds us how the mesmeric and astral can both come together to create a grander listening experience. Once the tension relieves and the atmosphere expands the trip continues with a gorgeous weeping subtlety until the song's final turn.

 "Fiery" begins just that way; hot and alive. The special attraction comes from the stomping nature resembling former rave anthems with a more modernistic and genuinely organic process. Recondite, again, reinvents an old ring by puncturing his own signature methods along the way. The big room factor grows along the way as the echoing synths fade and return entrancing listeners in and out of limbo until reaching the beating drums at the end once again.

Be sure to check out the rest of the special IV50 pack featuring contributing EP's from Frankey & Sandrino, David August, and Orson Wells.






  • Innervisions
  • 2014-03-17




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