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Dominic Serendip's "You Don't Care" brings heartbreak and pain [Premiere]

Dominic Serendip isn't exactly a household name quite yet, but with his charming vocals, emotional range, and bold character, he is definitely bound to be a name we hear more often in 2014. 

His new track is "You Don't Care," which pits him with a beautiful woman with some clear issues. It's kind of the same old story again and again, but Serendip manages to evoke some serious emotional depth that would resonate with anyone that's ever gone through rocky times in a relationship. The visuals itself are simple, yet shot and structured to draw the attention of those watching. 

This track is produced by ILLA BLK and his upcoming project God Gone Mad is set for an April release. Check out the song and the visuals below. 

Dark Pop · Hip-Hop


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