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Mobb Deep call out the King of New York in "Say Something"

With a reunion album on the way, Mobb Deep have released a new track with producer of the moment, !llmind. “Say Something” follows “Taking You Off Here”, the first trash talking single from The Infamous Mobb Deep record. The second cut follows the same roughneck formula that The Infamous have followed throughout their reign over the dark rap territory which began in 1992. Prodigy and Havoc’s reunion proves they are as sinister as they’ve ever been with vicious verses on this solid track which has been received well by casual and hardcore fans alike. Havoc throws a few jabs in the direction of our recently self-proclaimed King of New York, you wouldn’t be crazy to assume he’s spitting about Kendrick Lamar.

“I am not normal let me be the first to warn you, paranoid as f*** better have that metal on you, tears on the face of those that most adore you, f*** the King of New York, H been Royal. N****s new to the game, just an hour in, you wet behind the ears, milk on your breath, still on your momma’s breast, I embody fresh”

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!llmind’s managed to encapsulate the Mobb’s vintage sound in “Say Something” without it feeling dated but instead provides a platform for Havoc and Prodigy to prove they’ve still got a lot to offer the rap game. The Infamous Mobb Deep drops April 1st and boasts features from Bun B, Juicy J and Mack Wilds to name a few.


Mobb Deep

"Say Something" (Prod. By !llmind)

  • Out Now


Hip-Hop · Rap


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Spirit Equality
Spirit Equality
7 years ago

LOL, Mobb Deep has never dissed anybody by name in their whole careers. It's kind of sad at this point.