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Moiez brings the dubstep to Zedd's "Find You" [Download]

Canadian DJ/producer Moiez continues his rapid pace of excellent remixes  into 2014.  Having recently released big-time remixes for many major artists (e.g., "Revolution," and "This is what it Feels Like"), he now drops his version of Zedd's newest single, "Find You" on his Soundcloud. 

If this isn't your first time on this site, then you probably know we've covered many, many, Moiez releases in the past. There's just something about his remixes of big-room house tracks that seems to impress us, whether he's adding in sharp new basslines, or melodic new synth work. Typically his remixes don't stray too far from the genre of the original, but with "Find You",  Moiez decided to go into dubstep territory.  And boy, does it impress! Using the same chords as the original, the soft piano intro sets you up for the dubstep drop, with that signature Moiez sound still at the heart of everything.  It certainly takes Moiez's music into an exciting new direction, and I can't wait for more.  So check it out below, and grab a free copy for yourself on his official soundcloud.



Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant

Find You (Moiez Remix)

  • 10-03-2014
Dance · Dubstep


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