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Watch Sam Siegel explore the undertow of society in "The Urban" [Video Premiere]

New York City's Sam Siegel isn't your typical rapper. A self described MCA meets Robert Plant, the emcee is a refreshing far cry from the saturated, headache inducing sounds of the South. With  The Entreproducers  (you might be familiar with their work alongside Pro Era and The Underachievers) handling the production side of things, "The Urban," a chilling track that evokes feelings of melancholy and self reflection, has Siegel speaking on friends, family and life. It's mellow guitar tones, coupled by the haunting high pitched sample that sounds like a play from Kanye West, make this one a hit.

Shot in the remains of what was a vibrant building, Siegel breathes new life into the decrepit shell through his vibrant rhymes and purposeful manner. The video uses a crisp set of visuals allows us to see every nook and cranny of the spot as the rapper does his thing. If you haven't picked up his fantastic tape American Degenerate, do not waste another precious second sleeping on that project.

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7 years ago

“: Watch Sam Siegel explore the undertow of society in ... - http://t.co/vlh6SNLM8F @iwanabSamSiegel @Entreproducers” Listen to it