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Listen to Cape Lion's 80's synths and hooks in "Called You Mine"

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Nostalgia is a common theme in music. I love being able to trace my memories through the tunes I've drooled over for years. It offers me a timeline of life without really even trying. Although I wasn't around in the 80's, the Stockholm duo Cape Lion is back with a hooky tribute to electro-pop dance music called "Called You Mine". This one's perfect for any time of the day and emulates what feel good music should be in today's world.

Formed in the capital of Sweden in 2012, Cape Lion is the outcome when writers Carl-Johan Sevedag and Martin Wiklund rendezvous. Coming from "widely scattered" musical backgrounds they provide big and uncompromised pop music with timeless rhythm that sticks right from the start. I last wrote about Cape Lion's live attic session not too long ago, which proved the groups imminent talent and rising success. "Called You Mine" is off of their forthcoming EP set to release this spring. It's an epic composition sold strongly by it's chorus line and synth melody, which sits nicely in my personal taste book. "Called You Mine" is now available to stream via Sneak Attack Media.


Cape Lion

"Called You Mine"

  • Sneak Attack Media
  • March 1
Electro Pop · Pop · Synth Pop


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