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Armin van Buuren dusts off his Gaia alter ego to release "Empire of Hearts"

Every year seems to be a huge one for Armin van Buuren, and 2014 is continuing that trend. Currently in the midst of celebrating 650 episodes of his A State of Trance radio through an intercontinental tour called New Horizons, Armin has returned to one of his fan base's favorite iterations of himself, under the guise Gaia. The last time we heard from the alter ego named for Mother Earth was on last year's "Humming the Lights," and this year he returns with an even more in-your-face track appropriately branded "Empire of Hearts." As usual, we're delivered a bigger than life track in the trance style that is Gaia, but surprise at every turn. If we thought we knew Gaia well, this is something that shows us that we just might not know it all yet. Out on Armind today, "Empire of Hearts" approaches its anxiously awaiting fan base during prime time for the broadcasting of festival music. To add to it, Armin will be playing a full live DJ set as Gaia at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, a rarity even in his constant and grueling tour schedule.

Stream:Gaia - Empire Of Hearts (Original Mix)


Empire of Hearts

  • Armind / Armada
  • ARMD1171
Dance · Trance


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