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Run DMT gets ready for SXSW with heavy remix of W&W's "Bigfoot" [DOWNLOAD]

Since its inception in 2010, Run DMT has released nothing but sub-rocking bangers. The track that caught our eye a few years ago was their rowdy original "Bass Drum", and we've been down with them ever since. After Chris Parson left the duo in 2012, John Robbins took over and kept the name alive. With a slew of originals, a remix for Diplo, and a self-titled EP, we'd say Robbins is doing just fine. Today, we have the pleasure of bringing you his latest growling symphonic take on heavy progressive house duo, W&W's, latest track "Bigfoot".

Run DMT preserved the original's overall composure and instrumental intention, simply adding his own distinct compressed bass kick and menacing sub growls. In fact, the percussion draws a few faint similarities to those of "Bass Drum". A master of the build, Robbins spends the early portion of the track bringing the slow-attack arp keys to the foreground and emphasizing the original blistering synth lead with rinsed out claps and low-pass filtration. The rest of the tune, well, you know how it goes—heavier than you're probably ready for. The type of tune you put a clenched fist over your dropped jaw and look wide-eyed around the room in disbelief for. Overall, this remix is a tight production that hits both the grungier end of the dubstep spectrum and the festival side of 140 BPM music.

Download the remix here.



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